Garden Master Sheds are Available in Two Forms:

Boxed Sheds

The boxed shed is delivered in smaller pieces making handling and transporting easier and more economical. Your shed will come broken down in one cardboard box and in most cases a longer plastic wrapped channel pack. The door is pre-assembled and pre-hinged, meaning they are still easy to assemble. Comes complete with screws, rivets and a drill bit. Floor sold separately.

Panel Sheds

In panel form you will receive exactly the same shed but pre-assembled into four walls and the roof (two sections for gable roof). Just join the corners and slip the roof on. In panel form the Garden Master sheds are only available in the North Island as freighting the panels is very expensive and they can be easily damaged.

Assembly Couldn’t be Easier – it’s a Simple Job for Two

Please do not use steps below as a substitute for full instructions (included with each shed). They are meant as a guide only.

Every Shed Needs a Floor

Options are either existing concrete, specially poured concrete or wooden floors. Click here for information on flooring and it’s relevant assembly instructions.

1. Overlap Sheets 2. Drill, rivet & join 3. Fit Channels
4. Fix Channels 5. Fit & Fix “L” Flash 6. Join Corners
7. Join Corners 8. Fit Roof 9. Fix Roof

Boxed Sheds Only, Start Here

Step 1:

  • Unpack and read the instructions. Have your tools on hand.
  • Join the sheets to form the wall panels (pictures 1 and 2)
  • Fix channels to top and bottoms at every 2nd rib (pictures 3 and 4)
  • Fit and fix “L” flash (picture 5)
  • Bear in mind your door is already assembled and pre-hinged by our team. Complete all panels as per above and have them ready to erect your shed.

Panel Sheds Start Here (Boxed Sheds Continue)

Step 2:

Now just join your corners (pictures 6 and 7)

Step 3:

Slip the roof on and fix to the four walls (see picture 8 and 9).


Do not attempt in wet or windy conditions. Hand and foot protection must be worn. Make sure your shed is well secured to foundations (download floor plan PDF).

Need Help Assembling?

If you would rather someone else do this, we suggest you get in contact with one of our assembly providers.

Try 0800 ENZEMBLE (0800 369 362) or www.enzemble.co.nz