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Shed Specifications

Instructions: Please pick your preferences from the drop down lists below. Extra charges will apply for upgrades (see Q24 on FAQ page). For different roof styles please request in Special Requirements below.
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If you have a special size requirement that is not here, please note this in the "Special Requirements" box at the bottom of the page

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Pick Your Floors, Doors & Windows

Instructions: please indicate if you require any of these options, from below.


Wooden floor:
 Yes I would like a wood floor to suit my shed.
For each component below please tick the box if required, so that we can put together the recommended number of clamps and bolts together for you.
Flat Floor Clamp:
 Yes I would like a Flat Floor Clamp Package
 Yes I would like a Dynabolt Package
Recessed Floor Clamp:
 Yes I would like a Recessed Floor Clamp package
Pre-bent Bolt:
 Yes I would like a Pre-bent Bolt Package


Double doors:
 Yes I would like Double doors
Extra door:
 Yes I would like an Extra Door
Door change to corner or end wall:
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Please indicate door types & preferred positioning. All door positions are taken as looking at the shed from the outside (not from inside the shed).


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Louvre Window:
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Fixed Window:
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Pick your Accessories

Skylite roof sheet:
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Tool racks (set):
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Cabin hook:
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Shelf brackets (pair):
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Extra wall height:
GM Securi-door:
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Special Requirements

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